Pig & Hen Tiny Ted - Black/Black

Pig & Hen Tiny Ted - Black/Black


This guys moniker is misleading: Tiny Ted is quite possibly the tallest person you will ever meet in your life. Tired of his previous nickname – Tall Ted – he asked for something just as catchy but slightly more original. This one sounded just right to him.

The Tiny Ted wraps twice around your wrist and is 6mm wide.

How to select the right size:

Use a tape measurer to check your wrist size and select the right size. 


  • The material will survive a life time and the colour will not fade over time.
  • The shackle is forged out of stainless steel and could show some wear and tear.
  • All the Pig&Hen products are for life and are handmade with passion in Amsterdam.

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