Muzen Orignal II Walnut

  • Retro Elegance:With an all-wood, vintage-inspired, and sleek design, the MUZEN Original II adds a timeless touch to any setting.


  • Audiophile Sound:It packs a potent audio punch in a compact frame with high-performance 15W stereo drivers and enhanced bass.


  • Artisan Craftsmanship:Each unit is a collectible, meticulously crafted through a 27-step process.


  • Robust and Wood Construction:It is built from robust walnut wood and showcases a unique natural grain texture and aroma. Its construction boasts anti-cracking, anti-bacterial, and corrosion-resistant properties, combining the beauty of nature with durability.


  • Multi-Functional:It is more than a Bluetooth speaker. It features FM/AM radio and AUX input capabilities, offering a versatile audio experience for all your listening needs.


  • Smooth Tuning Experience:A mechanical copper deceleration tuning knob is used, providing a seamless and user-friendly tuning process for an optimal listening experience.


  • Vintage "Cat's Eye" Display:Each MUZEN Original Ⅱ features a unique, out-of-production "Cat's Eye" vacuum fluorescent display tube from the mid-20th century, visually representing electrical signal changes.