The Nantucket Scarf - Designed By The Cleary Collection

If you summer in Nantucket...

Featuring hand-drawn architecture reminiscent of The Chicken Box, Cru, The Juice Bar, Galley Beach, Sankaty Lighthouse, Cisco Brewers, Beetle Cat boats and shingled homes lined with hydrangeas.

This customized scarf can be worn as a top, skirt or when used with 2 other scarves, can be worn as a dress. It can also be used as a bag accessory, hair accessory or shawl. We use 100% mulberry silk to create the highest quality scarf to serve as the perfect gift for yourself or someone special to you.

Check out our styling page to learn more.

Size: 38" x 38"

Material: 100% silk, hand-rolled and hand-sewn