Print Arrival of Ship Three Brothers Nantucket by Oswald Brett

Print Arrival of Ships, Three Brothers ~ Nantucket depicts a day in island history, April 28, 1841 where there were several ships in the harbor, the most prominent being THREE BROTHERS. You can see the other following ships (left to right): MARTHA, OHIO, NANTUCKET, FOSTER, JOHN ADAMS, FRANKLIN, steamship TELEGRAPH, and AURORA. THREE BROTHERS is on the far right. In the background is scenic downtown Nantucket, where the Old Mill stands. Brant Point Lighthouse as we know it today is not pictured, as it wasn't until later the white one was constructed and automated. In this print, we see the seventh tower to stand in that location. This is a scene from the last era of Nantucket's Whaling Fleet from 1844. 


  • Dimensions: 35" wide (left to right) 22 3/4" high/long (top to bottom)
  • Copyright of the print by The Whaling and Marine Manuscript Archives, Inc. 1973
  • Shows a signature by the artist Oswald Brett '70

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