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On Nantucket some people affectionately (or not so affectionately) call March “hate month”. Why? Perhaps because of the allusion of a lack of things to do and less than desirable weather (snow again and more of those Grey Lady skies?). Here at Murray’s Toggery Shop we are looking forward to Spring just as much as the next Nantucketer because of one of our newest additions to our Men’s Department: Duck Head Apparel. Duck Head products are strictly American Made and have always been that way, from their Southern start in 1865 to present day. “Made to be Worn”, their durable and timeless pieces embody real Southern style.

With plenty of excitement, hard work, and creative collaboration a special part of the store will be devoted to a built-in featuring our favorite products we think you just have to incorporate into your wardrobe. In time for Spring shopping over Nantucket’s Daffodil Festival, some menswear pieces that we are most excited to offer you include the classic Duck Head chino hat, the versatile O’Bryan pant and short, and the classy Dixie woven shirt.

Fun fact: the O’Bryan pants serve as Duck Head’s signature product and were originally crafted out of recycled Army tents from Civil War veterans George and Joe O’Bryan. As a family business who knows how much just one pair of pants can change everything, we highly recommend them!

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