Marking 75 Years in Business | History of Murray’s Toggery Shop

Murray’s Toggery Shop story began in 1945. The store was bought by Philip Murray, but it was his son, Philip C. Murray, who expanded the business. He returned from Virginia in the early ’50s to take over the business. In 1963, he purchased the Louis Coffin Dry Goods store and turned it into what is now the women’s department. During the ’60s, for the first time, he introduced famous Nantucket Reds pants to the world.

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The popularity of the pants has grown so much by the ’80s, that he had to trademark the line, especially after The Official Preppy Handbook was issued, and Murray’s was proclaimed to be the premier island outfitter! Ever since then, Murray’s Toggery Shop has been known as the retail legend, a place where R. H. Macy had his first store right before he opened Macy’s Department Store in New York City! In 2000 Philip C. Murray’s son and daughter, John Murray and Trish Bridier took over father’s business, maintaining his tradition. They inherited their father’s pioneer spirit and love for Nantucket. Today, after 75 years in business, the 4th generation family-owned store remains on Main Street on Nantucket. John’s son and daughter, Greg Murray and Lauren Murray, and Trish’s sons, Matt Bridier and Andrew Bridier, are now the part of the winning team, as they try to keep the tradition and reputation alive, but also slowly develop a new image and introduce the brand to new generations, by expanding the number of products, and modernizing the look of the store, while keeping the authenticity and timeless style.


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Murray’s Toggery Shop Milestones

When Philip C Murray introduced Nantucket Reds Pants in the ’60s, that was a game-changer for this Nantucket business. The small local shop was put on a world map, and it is now universally recognized. Pants were made of canvas, and meant to fade over time. The color of the Nantucket Reds Pants resembled the color of the sails that sailed the coast of Brittany and France. In 2014, Peter Davis said for the New York Times: “The red trouser in America is the Nantucket Red, which can only be bought at Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket. It’s the ultimate preppy uniform, worn year-round, and only looks authentic if the red is so faded that it is pink — a kind of a rosé hue.” Now, Nantucket Reds Collection offers merchandise for men, women, and children. Besides well-known Nantucket Reds Collection Pants, Nantucket Reds Collection apparel includes shorts, shirts, dresses, accessories, footwear, and so much more.

Old Photo Murrays Toggery Shop Nantucket Old Photo Murrays Toggery Shop Nantucket


In the summer of 2013, Murray’s Toggery Shop launched a new line - M Crest Collection. The most popular items of M Crest Collection are tailored and straight fit pants and shorts. The M Crest Collection is made in America from the same fabric as the original Nantucket Reds Collection pants, in an updated fit that suits the younger crowd. Besides pants and shorts, M Crest Collection includes shirts and ties!

Old Photo Murrays Toggery Shop Nantucket

  • Murray’s Toggery Shop Today

As the trends are changing, Murray’s Toggery Shop is always striving to offer the new merchandise to its customers, and keep the tradition alive. So many of our customers love to shop with their kids and grandkids, and we always try to offer something for everyone's style. Today, Murray’s Toggery Shop works on constantly increasing its offer by collabing with labels such as Rowing Blazers, Weyhill & Wharf, Tretorn, and Gitman Bros, to create high quality, upscale products in a stylish design.


Murrays Toggery Shop Nantucket Storefront


Over the years, Murray’s philosophy hasn’t changed, and the climate of tradition and traditional style is still alive. Murray’s Toggery Shop still offers the most distinct shopping experience on Nantucket, and it is still known as the Nantucket department store, a reliable stop for everything a one may need. It still has a homey feel, and it’s honoring family values in the changing world. As John Murray likes to say: ‘We always have a member of the family on the floor. We want our customers to know us… we try to know them too.’

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  • Kate Grossinger on

    I “discovered” Murray’s Toggery about 45 years ago while vacationing on Nantucket with my lifelong friend. I purchased a blue fairisle sweater. It is one of my best memories of shopping and vacations! Thanks for a great store.

  • ElaineDaly on

    Do you still carry the women’s shortalls as well as the unisex overalls in the red

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