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We have some exciting news here atMurray’s Toggery Shop, home of the originalNantucket Reds Collection! We started a major renovation this winter to transform our Ladies' and Children's department. While it’s true that nowadays people like to shop online, it doesn’t mean that brick-and-mortar stores are completely out-of-style. We still get a high volume of customers, not only in the summer, but also in the off-season, and we decided that this is a perfect year to give our customers better in-store shopping experience, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary! The renovation will involve both the upstairs and downstairs spaces, and we expect to have transformation completed by April 2020. Our Men’s Department will be open during the renovation, except February 16th until March 2nd, as we are all taking a well-deserved winter break! Our online store will be open at all times!


Why Do You Have to Visit Murray’s Toggery Shop While on Nantucket?

You will be able to find us at our old location, 62 Main Street, but don’t be surprised by the new look! We understand the changing needs and expectations of our shoppers, and that is the reason why we are doing a facelift. As soon as the customer enters the Ladies Department, they will notice a brighter and modernized space with a focus on high-quality women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. Besides women’s merchandise, they will notice kids' products as well. That’s because our Kids Department is moving downstairs this Spring, and our offices are moving upstairs! New Ladies/Kids Department space will be entirely revamped by new lighting, floors, and color schemes. We are also freshening up the fixtures used for product display, and believe that every fan of New England fashion will find the new visual merchandising enjoyable. Our dressing rooms will be larger and updated, and not only our main register station for customers' payments and gift wrapping will be bigger, but we will also have an extra one! To reduce long lines that can be a point of tension, we will have a remote station that will be used to take customer's payments. We want your Nantucket experience to be as relaxing as possible, and your shopping experience atMurray’s Toggery Shop to be smooth and seamless. The whole layout of the store will be customer friendly. The upper balcony on the first floor will be the new Ladies Shoe Department, easily accessible, compared to its previous location on the second floor, and the Children'sNantucket Reds Collection will be included in the Ladies' Reds section. We will still keep our customer’s favorite pieces that we’ve been caring for years, but will also incorporate some modern merchandise as a result of always changing fashion and style, to introduce our brand to younger generations.


If you are looking for things to do on Nantucket this summer, one of the most enjoyable activities on Nantucket is shopping. And if you decide to go shopping, don't forget to stop byMurray’s Toggery Shop, home ofNantucket Reds, for a modern-meets-traditional shopping experience and learn why they call usthe Uncommon Store!As much as we love to proud ourselves as a traditional, fourth-generation family-owned business, we also love to be innovative and to bring new, exciting merchandise to our beloved Nantucketers. We promise to be better than ever this summer, and we can’t wait to welcome you in our new space! We will keep sharing the progress of the renovation on ourInstagram profile, so stay tuned Nantucket Red family! 

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JA kIe KUpper
JA kIe KUpper

March 10, 2020

Your changes are very exciting. Great idea to have shoes and children’s downstairs. I can’t wait until we return. Murray’s will be my first shop! Best of luck, Trish and John and all of your long time employees.

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