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Youngsters fashion is such an adorable reflection of the adult fashion, and we at Murray’s Toggery Shop didn’t forget our cutest customers! We have an assortment of Nantucket Reds for kids. Since faded Nantucket Red is a wardrobe staple, why not get a well-tailored piece for your young one!? We have a selection for both boys and girls, that will keep up the fun! Light and crisp, our collection is perfect for summer months, but Nantucket Reds can also be worn all year round! If you are updating your kid’s wardrobe for a new season or choosing the best outfit for your family photo, make sure to check out Nantucket Reds Collection for Kids on our website


Nantucket Reds Collection Kids

Fashion for Toddlers and Babies

From basic t-shirts to special occasion outfits, we have everything your toddler will need. Kids' clothes are naturally adorable, but our collection has so much more to offer. Perfect for the playground, school, boat ride, or dinner, your kid will feel like a true Nantucketer!

  • Nantucket Reds Collection Tops for the Little Ones

Where fashion meets sports style! We have both Nantucket red t-shirts and polo shirts in our collection for all-day comfort. They are a great choice for both the classroom and the playground. Your kid will be able to mingle with peers effortlessly while looking cool!

Nantucket Reds Collection Kids Polo Nantucket Red Collection Kids T-shirt


  • Your Favorite Pants & Shorts in Kids Size 

They will look just like their daddy in the Original Nantucket Reds pants or shorts for kids! Made from the same fabric as your Nantucket Reds, these classic pieces are the perfect choice for a special event or family photo! These are the photos you will hang on your wall and cherish for years to come, so why not wear your favorite color? For a more comfortable look, we have elastic band shorts in Nantucket Red color, great for active boys and girls. And if your son loves going fishing with you, the best choice would be Nantucket Reds Collection Bluefish Shorts!


Nantucket Reds Collection Pants
  • Skirt Made to Match Her Mom’s Reds

The perfect choice for a little lady in your family! Nantucket Reds Collection Skirt made from Original Nantucket Red fabric. Cute and comfortable, this will be her favorite summer piece.

  • For a fun outfit - Overalls & Jumpers

Made for the next generation of Nantucket Reds Collection lovers! These are such fun pieces to add to your kids' wardrobe. Jumpers for girls and overalls for both boys and girls, they will feel like cool kids wearing them!


Nantucket Reds Collection Kids Overall

These pieces will keep them warm and cozy. They pair so well with anything from jeans to leggings and are made for layering. Perfect for school on a cold day or a boat ride. Every kid needs one.

  • Accessory in Your Favorite Color, for you Little One!

Add a touch of your favorite color to your kids' outfit. We have Nantucket Reds Collection neckwear, to make them look sharp, and hats, for sunny days. We promise they will love them!

  • Baby Fashion

Even your newborn wants to show the world where their happy place is! 

Comfort is king when it comes to baby clothes, and Island Baby collection is made from 100% cotton, with island imprint.


Island Baby Romper

It is quite hard to believe the winter is almost over, and the new summer season is approaching slowly. We hope that these Nantucket fashion trends for kids inspired you, and you have new outfit ideas to add to your little one’s clothing set. Don’t forget to visit our website for more inspiration and our Instagram profile, where you can see how other kids are rocking Nantucket Reds!

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