Jeans, How To Dress Them Up And Down?


Ah, jeans, the staple wear! The dream of creating a hundred different looks with a single pair of pants is entirely possible with jeans. Jeans are pants made from denim, and they were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. They were first worn by workers because of its high durability, and later they became a fashion item. Now, many offices allow denim in the workspace!


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How to Look Sharp in Jeans?

When buying denim, you should focus on two things: fabric and fit. Good quality jeans are made from a heavier weight of denim - a high thread count is a sign of better quality fabric. Don’t be afraid that they may feel heavier, or even a bit stiff, once you break them in, they will soften and also conform better to your body shape. Fit is also important, make sure they fit properly and flatter your figure.


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For a formal look, you should avoid jeans that are loose and baggy. Low-rise jeans also look more youthful and casual, so opt for a medium or high rise. Straight-leg jeans look more like pants than skinny jeans, and they are a great choice for a fun night out with friends and a casual meeting with a client. Dark jeans are always a good idea when you try to look more formal but still comfortable. Dark blue shades but also black and dark grey jeans are a great choice!

Besides the fabric, fit, and color of your jeans, it is also very important what you wear with them. To create a dressy look, pair them with the right top, shoes, and accessories.


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Once you tuck the shirt into a pair of jeans, you will get a business-like look. Choose a shirt in a plain coloror simple printfor a fresh look. This will be your perfect outfit for a Casual Friday.


  • On a chilly day, add a nice ​sweater​ to your outfit

For a dressy look, choose a slimmer cut. V-neck sweatersare perfect for a business-casual look. Solid-colored sweater over a collared shirt will look excellent as well, and it will bring some visual interest in your outfit.Quarter-zipis good for a relaxed look. If you want to dress down your jeans, and be comfortable, choose a heavy sweater.


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  • For a professional look, add a ​blazer

Wearing a t-shirt paired with jeans is casual and excellent for the everyday outfit, but if you want to dress up, throw on a blazer. You will quickly create a business-casual look. Fitted blazers are perfect, and if you choose a ​non-traditional color of blazers​ even better. If you prefer the traditional colors of a blazer, like ​navy​ and black, we would recommend a lighter, non-blue color of jeans with it.


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  • It’s all about the shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes to go with your jeans is very important. If you want an elegant look, slip on a pair of heels, or choose flip flopsor sneakersfor a more casual look. For men, brogues, saddle shoes, and wingtips will serve you better for a business-casual look rather than sneakers.

The key to looking good in jeans is to get good-looking jeans! Luckily, Murray’s Toggery Shopfound the most stylish yet comfy jeans for men and women - Raleigh Denim Workshop. Raleigh Denim jeans are that kind of jeans that you can wear every day. These American made jeans are handcrafted, hand signed by jeansmith, and they have a character. Check them out on ourwebsite!

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