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Trish Bridier of the Murray's Toggery Shop Ladies Department joined her sons and daughters-in-law in Naples, FL to celebrate the opening of Castaway Clothing's new store on Fifth Avenue. The store is superb. Joining Castaway in the retail effort is Tracy Negoshian, another one of Murray's Toggery Shop's favorite lines. After some ribbon-cutting, press interviews, an open house and a great deal of work the family got out on the water on one of Barton and Gray Mariners Club's Hinckley yachts in Naples Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. A super exciting time for the family!

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  • Anne Bailliere on

    Congratulations to all the Bridiers on opening Castaways in Naples! Glad you were able to celebrate by getting out ‘on the water’! Here’s to a smashing success which I’m sure you will have!

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