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Nantucket Reds

Our Nantucket Reds were featured on "The Daily Guide of Permanent Style". And while the style may be permanent, they are "guaranteed to fade" . . . .

Not many pieces of clothing are able to inspire their own lore, but Nantucket Reds rank among that select few. One account of the birth of quintessentially preppy trousers holds that Philip Murray, owner of Murray’s Toggery Shop on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, fell into a cranberry bog and emerged with his once-stone-colored pants dyed by the berries’ juices. It’s a total fabrication, but at least it’s an entertaining one.

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  • John J Lawler on

    I bought my first pair of “Reds” from Murray’s in 1989, and have been a loyal customer ever since. They are, quite simply, the best pair of casual pants I have ever worn.

  • Charlotte Fraser on

    just bought my husband his first pair of Nantucket Red trouser’s. Love them! I would like to order a woman’s sweater for myself, but not pictures of most styles, on line. Do you have a brochure or how can I view your ladies sweater’s? thanks Charlotte Fraser

  • Roger Venden on

    Do you have Nantucket men’s t-shirts with a pocket and Nantucket logo? If so, in medium and large sizes!

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