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It is always a pleasure to start our day with a nice note from a happy customer. You're welcome, Ray!


Morning Folks –
Just a quick Thank You for the beautiful Nantucket Red slacks and socks. They arrived yesterday and can’t wait to sport them on our upcoming cruise. Beautiful material.
Looking forward to more purchases! Thanks for the great service and please keep up the great work! You’ve just made another fan and customer.
Ray L Rivera
Louisville, KY 40213

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  • Bill Foley on

    Years back I purchased 2 Sword fishermans hats with the long bill. I wore them to a frazzle, on the water and off. Do you still selll them? Black bill, pink cap, geen under the bill XL.


    Love your cable knit, shetland sweaters. Would , however like the item shown to change to show true colors. Other wise you gamble on what the colors truly look like. thank you!

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