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It is often difficult to find the perfect present, and even more so when it is intended for an important person in your life. With that in mind, we at Murray's Toggery Shop decided to recommend some of the favorite items from our offer that would make great Father’s Day gifts.

Murray's Toggery Shop Happy Father's Day

We’ve compiled a list of gifts for different types of dads that you can use as an inspiration for this year’s Father’s Day. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, you will definitely surprise your father with a gift that’s going to last for years.

Innovative Gifts for Different Types of Dads


Conservative Dad

If your father is the type of person who values quality and workmanship behind every item in his possession, these are the gift that he will truly appreciate, not only for their appearance but also because of the story behind each one.


  • Nantucket Reds Pants

Let’s face it, each item from the OriginalNantucket Reds Collection™ is a gift that speaks for itself. All products are crafted using the renowned, iconic canvas that is guaranteed to fade!

However, if you are to pick just one product for this year’s Father’s Day, you should definitely opt forNantucket Reds Collection™ Men's Plain Front Pants. These pants have become a symbol of island life. The unique color of these classic, comfortable pants, inspired by the color of the sailes that sailed the coast of Brittany and France, makes these a staple item in any man’s closet.


Murray's Toggery Shop Nantucket Reds Collection Plain Front Pant

Nantucket Reds were originally introduced in the 1960s by Philip C. Murray. The inspiration for this model came from the cotton trousers worn in Brittany. And the rest is history.


  • Gitman Bros Shirt

Gitman Bros are shirt makers committed to creating the highest quality products, exquisitely crafted shirts that express the knowledge gathered through the years of experience, relying on craftsmanship passed down through generation of workers. With its rich history, aGitman Bros shirt is a gift that your father will certainly appreciate for more than its looks.


  • Handmade Ties and Bow Ties by Trumbull Rhodes

Men wear neckties for many reasons, beyond style or fashion look. If you know that your father feels comfortable wearing a nice suit, then the perfect gift is definitely a handmade tie that will give him confidence and power. Exquisitely crafted using only the highest quality materials, handmade ties by Trumbull Rhodes are the perfect gift that will take hissuit and tie look to the next level.

In the words of Richard Bragdon, the owner, “Build the best product you can, use the best suppliers you can find, be honest and passionate about your product, but most important of all make your customer's satisfaction your highest priority.” And the vast number of satisfied, loyal customers are here to confirm the quality of workmanship of the Trumbull Rhodes handmade ties.

Laid Back Dad

A laid back dad is casual, calm, and often unpretentious; a father who doesn't get stressed and values comfort. And the best gift for a laid back dad is definitely a nice, casual piece of clothing that will inspire him to have a simple good time.


  • Save Khaki United

If your dad is a relaxed and easy-going type, there is no better present for him than the pair of the classicSave Khaki United pair of pants. These pants are crafted from carefully selected fabrics with comfort in mind, resulting in a minimalistic aesthetics that everyone simply adores.

All of Save Khaki United products are manufactured in the United States, and when available, made from domestic fabrics and textiles. And the best part is that they include reclaimed or recycled cotton, and therefore, reduce the carbon footprint and help the environment. And the workmanship of each of their items speaks for itself - each item is a quality product that will last. As their motto goes - Simple. Comfortable. Purposeful. American. - a true gift for a true American dad.


  • Raleigh Denim

If your father’s idea of comfort is a classic pair of denim, then you should definitely opt forRaleigh Denim Workshop pair of jeans. A talented team of jeansmiths proudly creates these jeans, and each pair is a true art project, uniquely crafted and signed, with the idea that things get more beautiful over time. A father who values the story behind his clothes and always chooses clothing items that are sure to last will most certainly be surprised and overwhelmed with this gift.


Raleigh Denim Workshop Martin Jeans Mason


Busy Dad

We understand that a busy dad doesn’t have much time to think about shopping with such a busy schedule. That is why your Father’s Day gift this year should be a nice piece of clothing that is made to last!


  • Peter Millar

A cashmere sweater is a staple item that should find its place in everyone’s wardrobe since it can be combined and used to create several different kinds of outfit. When you have a dad who’s always busy and running from the office to a business lunch or dinner meeting, the best present is most definitely an elegant Peter Millar cashmere sweater. Stop by our store and get one!

Peter Millar Father and Son


The combination of luxury and elegance in each ofPeter Millar’s pieces expresses their dedication to superior craftsmanship. Paired with a shirt, or simply worn with a pair of classic pants, a cashmere sweater is just the thing a busy dad needs to help him get through his busy workdays without having to worry about what to wear.


  • Shinola Watch

This one is a no brainer, for sure. A thoughtfully designed Shinola watch, made by this luxury design brand, is built to last. Not only the watches are made by following the high-quality standards, but also everyShinola watch has a lifetime warranty! The combination of quality, luxury, and functionality make this a perfect gift for an always-busy dad!


We hope that we made the choice this year’s Father’s Day gift a bit easier with these recommendations for different types of dads. Remember, each present has more value if the story behind it is as good as the quality and the craftsmanship of the piece itself.

If you’re still unsure about the perfect present for your dad, stop by our store today and we will help you choose a special gift for the upcoming Father’s Day. In the meantime, browse through our online shop, i.e.,Father’s Day collection, maybe you’ll find the inspiration you need -- or even something that’s just ideal for you!

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