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Fourth of July is nearly here and you'll probably be inspired, like most of the others, to throw on something red, white, and blue but how about purchasing American made clothing brands? You may not find American made brands in an average shopping mall, but you will certainly find plenty at Murray’s Toggery Shop!

Nothing says patriotism as buying American! If you are looking for a good reason to buy American made women’s and men’s clothing, these are just some: better quality, higher labor standards, and safer products! Whether you are looking for an outfit for fireworks, barbecue, pool party or a beach we got you covered no matter your age, gender or style!

We created aUS brands listto help you dress all American for this Fourth of July!

Murray’s Toggery Shop American Made Collection


  • M Crest

We want to start with our M Crest Collection. We are so proud of this exclusive Made in the USA line! Nantucket Reds M Crest Collection pants and shorts are made of our iconic red fabric that is meant to fade over time. Part of M Crest Collection are also shirts made by Gitman Bros, legendary American shirt maker.


  • Gitman Bros

Gitman Bros believes in quality and excellent customer services. By staying a boutique shirt maker, they are able to keep this company’s values intact after many years in business. Their shirts have exceptional fit and they use the finest fabrics to make them, this is what makes them the most prominent shirt manufacturer in the United States.


  • YRI

Friendship and cooperation between Murray’s Toggery Shop and YRI last for many years, and we are pleased to say that we carry YRI's Made in USA accessories! Based in New Hampshire, YRI prides themselves on personal customer care, and skilled craftsmanship. We carry many items from YRI, and we are particularly proud of custom-made items inspired by Nantucket and made only for Murray’s Toggery Shop!


  • Shinola

We all know that Shinola watches are built to last — every Shinola watch has a lifetime warranty! This type of warranty is available only when the company truly believes in their products and their values. This makes us a big Shinola fan! Company is based in Detroit and employs hundreds of artisans!


  • Trumbull Rhodes

Trumbull Rhodes is recognized for its neckwear that is handmade in America! They are passionate about their products, and every single one is made with customer satisfaction in mind! We at Murray’s Toggery Shop are especially proud of Trumbull Rhodes Linen Nantucket Pocket Squares!


  • American Trench

You can find American Trench socks at Murray’s Toggery Shop, and not only that they are made in Pennsylvania and North Carolina but their Kennedy Collection is inspired by a photo of JFK, one of the most stylish American Presidents, wearing a pair of these!


  • Beltology

Beltology strongly believes that belt is the single most important accessory you own! Company’s tagline is‘Be your belt self’and they want to assure us all that the times of boring, and poorly made belts are over! Their belts are handcrafted in NYC, they stretch and have no holes — how great is that!?


  • Save Khaki United

If comfort is the most important to you during the holidays, how about getting something from Save Khaki United Collection? Items from their collection are easily worn and specially washed and dyed for extra comfort. All the items are American made. Company is based in California, and sustainability is one of the company's core values!


  • Raleigh Denim Workshop

Raleigh Denim Workshop is an art project, and it started with a single desire — to make a perfect pair of jeans! And they succeeded by talking to industry vets in the North Carolina mountains and listening to their advice. Now that they are so proud of the products they create, they make sure to sign every pair of jeans. We can all agree that nothing can beat that personal touch!

We hope that this list of American brands helped you in a decision of what to wear for this Fourth of July and that you will support your home team! Shop our All American Made Collection online or stop by our store to get more info about these amazing brands! And if you want to support local why not get a Nantucket classic — Nantucket Reds™ M Crest Collection Men's Tailored Fit Shorts made in the USA from traditional Nantucket Red fabric!

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