Unusual Places Where Nantucket Reds Traveled

How to represent your love for Nantucket? By wearing Nantucket Reds! They can be easily found on our beloved island during an afternoon stroll, while sipping a Frose at the restaurant, attending the wedding or at the golf course, but Nantucket Reds have also been spotted all around the globe! If you scroll down our Instagram feed, you will see where exactly our Nantucket Reds Collection items have traveled! They have often been seen in familiar places like Palm Springs and Boston suburbia, but they also reached some of the faraway places like Peru, Italy, and Japan!

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Where Would You Like to Take Your Nantucket Reds?


There is nothing better than getting a photo from a customer showing us their Nantucket love. One of our favorites is the photo from Wyoming, a happy customer took his Nantucket Red hat to the wilderness of the mountains, and we are thrilled he shared this memorable experience with us!

Nantucket Reds Collection Baseball Hat in Wyoming

Nantucket Reds Collection Baseball Hat in Wyoming

We were also blessed to see our Nantucket Red hat at the southernmost point of continental United States, Key West! Nantucket Red color and blue skies are a match made in heaven and beach is Nantucket Reds natural habitat. We are sure many of you took your Nantucket Reds to the beach at some point!

Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat in Key West

Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat in Key West

But why only in the United States? Nantucket Red looks just as good at any other beach! One place where Nantucket Red is often seen is Japan! We know how important fashion is to our Japanese friends and we are not surprised they like our classic style! Not only Nantucket Reds, but other products from our online store are often shipped to Japan! American traditional style is blooming in Japan, and we cannot be happier about it! The world of sophisticated clothes and preppy style is more than alive there and who represents this style better than Murray’s Toggery Shop!?

Nantucket Reds in Japan

Murray’s Toggery Shop customer at one of the beaches of Miyako-Jima island, Japan (photo credit @come_come)

Are you going to Machu Picchu this year? Why wouldn’t you bring your Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat? Nothing is quite as good as a new adventure but always have something with you to remind you of your favorite place on earth! It’s small, and thus perfect for travel, it’s fashionable and protects you from the sun! And can you imagine how many people will come to ask you about Nantucket? This makes ACK hat a great conversation starter and who knows, maybe you will make friends for life in Peru, or during any other vacation just by representing Nantucket in the best possible way - by wearing your Reds!

Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat in Machu Picchu Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat in Machu Picchu

Nantucket Reds Collection ACK Baseball Hat in Peru - Machu Picchu (photo credit @ashleywahl)

If you are not familiar with Nantucket Reds (and we find this almost impossible!) here is a short history: they been introduced to the world in the 1960s by Philip C. Murray. They are made of red canvas fabric that fades over time and resembles the color of the sails that sailed the coast of Brittany and France! The only real Nantucket Reds are the ones made by Murray’s Toggery Shop, and while pants and shorts are the most popular, we have a huge collection that now includes hats, skirts, jackets, shoes and so much more! Every preppy has at least one pair of Nantucket Red Pants or Nantucket Red Shorts in their closet and they been worn for generations!

We would like to thank everyone who shared their amazing adventures with us! If you ever travel with your Nantucket Reds, please tag us in your Instagram photos - we are impatient to see where you decided to take your Nantucket Reds this season!


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  • Lynn on

    I used my Reds large tote bag as a carry on around New Zealand and Australia.

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