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You might think that summer is in full swing now, but it is time to start thinking about fall outfits. After months of careless summer fashion, it gets hard to remember what we like to wear in colder months. Instead of jumping into winter jackets, it’s better to take things slowly during unpredictable fall months. Here are just some tips to transition your summer wardrobe to fall fashion:

  • Layer up! Layers are trendy and highly functional!
  • Add some fall colors into your summer outfits - don’t pack that summer dress yet, add the cardigan and the addition of deeper color will help create a fall-appropriate outfit.
  • Invest in a good coat and a pair of boots - your fall fashion staples!

The first day of fall is September 23rd and September on Nantucket can be gorgeous, but don’t be surprised if the cold breeze starts creeping into the air before the 23rd and you have to invest in some fall must-haves.
Murrays Toggery Flower

Top Trends for Fall 2019

● Knitwear made from 100% natural fiber

This Fall you want your clothes to be contemporary but also healthier, so why not get a sweater fromFisherman out of Ireland. Their collection is inspired by beautiful and wild Irish coastline, and sweaters are made of100% natural, luxury fiber yarns. These sweaters are not only timeless, but they also are environmentally friendly, and you can wear them next to your skin. This sounds pretty amazing to us! Check out our Ladies Collection!

Fisherman out of the Ireland Sweater

● Transitional weather champion - The Vest!

Because no wardrobe is complete without the vest, this fall you will need to get one! Vests are classic and perfect for transitional weather. While there are so many choices this season, why not go with a classic, preppyBarbour Wray Gilet. With studded patch pockets, this vest will provide you extra warmth during breezy Fall nights. Perfect Fall outfit for a lady who cares about both fashion and comfort!

Nantucket Cashmere Pom Pom Hats

Switching towards richer fall colors and heavier fabricsdoesn’thave to be so difficult if you follow our style hacks. You can complete your look with aluxury beanie. They are high-quality, soft, and warm but do not overheat. And our cashmere beanies have ACK written on them! Can you think of a better combination?

ACK pom pom hat cashmere

Photo by Georgie Morley

● Luxurious materials

Unique and luxury fabrics are perfect for fall! You want that special touch on your skin - the lightweight, breathable materials that keep you warm is what you should be looking for.Peter Millar Collectionis using some of the finest and innovative fabrics like cotton with Flex Finish that provides stretch and comfort without using synthetic fibers. Check out their Fall Collection on our website!

● Tradition meets modern style

No matter what the weather throws at you, you will feel just fine because you have your Barbour jacket! Barbour’s new collection shows a modern take on a traditional fall must-haves. Cool fall hues like grey and navy are the perfect choice for fall. Our favorite for fall 2019 -Barbour Goosall Wax Jacket, traditional material meets a new shape -bomber shape! This year Barbour celebrates 125 years of business and what better way to celebrate it than with new collection where tradition meets modern style!

Barbour jacket

We hope you loved this rundown of must-haves! If you are a real fashionista, you have to admit - fall fashion is a thrill! So don’t be sad summer is almost over, there’s always something very exciting to look for and this season that’s a wardrobe full of cozy sweaters and luxurious fabrics!

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August 29, 2019

Could you please let me know when pom pom beanies are back in stock. I need 2 red!! Love them!!!

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