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Unusual Places Where Nantucket Reds Traveled

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How to represent your love for Nantucket? By wearing Nantucket Reds! They can be easily found on our beloved island during an afternoon stroll, while sipping a Frose at the restaurant, attending the wedding or at the golf course, but Nantucket Reds have also been spotted all around the globe! If you scroll down ourInstagram feed, you will see where exactly ourNantucket Reds Collection items have traveled! They have often been seen in familiar places like Palm Springs and Boston suburbia, but they also reached some of the faraway places like Peru, Italy, and Japan!
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American Made: Top 9 Made in US Clothing Brands

Fourth of July is nearly here and you'll probably be inspired, like most of the others, to throw on something red, white, and blue but how about purchasing American made clothing brands? You may not find American made brands in an average shopping mall, but you will certainly find plenty at Murray’s Toggery Shop!
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Best Father's Day Gifts Ideas

It is often difficult to find the perfect present, and even more so when it is intended for an important person in your life. With that in mind, we at Murray's Toggery Shop decided to recommend some of the favorite items from our offer that would make great Father’s Day gifts.
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Choosing the Perfect Present

Mother's Day is just around the corner and the question that arises every year is, “What to buy for the woman who taught you everything you know?” Even though a gift cannot explain how forever grateful you are, if you put your heart and soul into choosing something special, it will certainly make her feel loved and appreciated.

We at Murray's Toggery Shop, take recommendations seriously because our customers are very important to us. That is why we decided to create a list of gifts to help you choose that perfect present that every mother is going to love!

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